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The Native Flute Playshop is a special program for people who play (or wish to play) the Native American Flute. We will gather for workshops each day, with a focus on building confidence playing the flute in many settings and styles and expressing your inner voice.

We will explore:

  • the elements of music - melody, harmony, rhythm, texture, and silence;
  • basic improvisation techniques such as call-and-response, solo over drone, and repeated patterns;
  • song forms such as A/B/A contrast, blues, and rounds.

And we mean it when we say Playshop ... participants will be playing most of the time! You will get an opportunity to play solo and in ensembles in many settings, and work with facilitators from many different corners of music.

Regardless of your current level of experience, if you want to bring your flute playing to a new level, this is the weekend to attend!

Please browse through these pages for a full description of the weekend program - we hope you can join us!

Last updated: August 9, 2006