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Playshop Details

Some notes for participants in the Native Flute Playshop:

  • Instruments: Bring them! Flutes as well as other instruments - drums, percussion, guitars, keyboards, and anything else you might wish to bring - are welcome.

  • Keys of flutes: If you have flutes in the keys of F#, G, and A (high, midrange, or bass), please bring them. If you do not have these keys, contact Clint Goss and we will make arrangements. Also, keys of B, C, C#, D, and E will work well, so bring them along as well.

  • Diatonic flutes: They are welcome! In particular, keys of G, F, and E will work well.


Here are a couple of hotels that are fairly close to the FluteQuest venue:

  • Holiday Inn Express
    Canyon Park
    (423) 483-8100

  • Comfort Inn Suites
    1414 228th Street S.E.
    Bothell, WA 98021
    (425) 402-0900

Last updated: August 9, 2006