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Michael Graham Allen

Michael began building and selling Native American style flutes through the United States in the mid 1970's and was a very early and prolific force in the reintroduction, refinement and popularization of the Native American Flute. . .

In 1986 and 1987 M. G. Allen introduced the Native American flute to mainstream and alternative music markets throughout the US, Europe and Japan with the groundbreaking recordings: Tear of the Moon and Night Forest. Coyote Oldman recordings are used in television and radio programs around the world and in the late 80's gave millions of people their first encounter with this beautiful and little known instrument. By the mid 1990's Coyote Oldman recordings had sold well over half a million copies and in 1995 introduced the Native American flute to the young internet with the first Native American flute web site: www.CoyoteOldman.com.

Mr Allen learned to make and play flutes without a teacher, turning instead to the actual artifacts in museums and collections around the country. M. G. Allen met flute maker and author Dr. Richard Payne in 1981 and developed a deep friendship and collaboration in flute building and research which spanned 23 years until Dr. Payne's death in 2004. Dr. Payne's flute teacher in the 1930's was the well known Kiowa elder, Belo Cozad. Belo's teacher was Oldman Turkey in the late 1800's. M.G. Allen's current and perhaps most important project is the reintroduction of the ancient Anasazi flute: bringing back to life this beautiful and mysterious North American flute that has been silent for 700 years. This unique and powerful instrument dominates Mr Allen's new CD: Rainbird (Return of the Anasazi flute). He is working on two new recordings, a film score and a collaboration with musician Peter Phippen.

Last updated: August 9, 2006