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photo by Chris Sweitzer


Resources on this Web Site

A Room Full of Flute Players - thoughts on facilitation of Native Flute groups.

Handout Materials from the Zion Flute School 2008.

• A Bill of Musical Rights developed by David Darling and the Music for People organization.

Flute Binding - detailed description of how apply a binding to prevent cracking (especially on bamboo flutes) or as an emergency repair.

Finger Diagram Fonts - for transcribing Native Flute music.

Poetry - Playing Native Flute behind a poetry reading is a particularly good combination. Some poems that work well are offered on this page.

• Sheet music for Bluebird (track 10 from the SpiritGrass CD) is available in PDF format and a JPG image.

• See the Stage Setup Rider page for information on stage setup for Clint's solo shows.

Handout Materials from the INAFA Convention Playshop 2008


Other Recommended Native Flute Web Sites

Flutopedia.com - Clint's web site with general information on the Native American and world flutes.

FluteTree.com - Robert Gatliff's expansive web site with general information and song book for the Native American Flute.

Native American Flute Portal - sponsored by Jeff Ball and Geoffrey Ellis.

Oregon Flute Store - JoAnn and Jeff Calavan's on-line Native Flute store.

NAFTracks.com - Clint's web site for play-a-long and background track CDs for the Native Flute.

ListeningBookAudio.com - a 2-CD set by W. A. Mathieu about rediscovering the power of listening as an instrument of self-discovery and personal transformation.

ManifestSpirit.com - Clint's record label and music publisher.

SingingEagleRecords.com - Home of Lyndall Sargent's record label.



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